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Confidence in the future of Hong Kong

However, apart from the past, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada and other places, the original Thailand and Malaysia have also become the top choice for parents to go to school, even Hong Kong artist Luo Minzhuang also plans to send her daughter Chen Hao to Thailand to attend international schools, while preparing for their retirement. . Before Sunday Kiss, I made a street visit and asked the Hong Kong Parents' Association to take the children out of Hong Kong in response to the recent situation of the society. Most of the parents interviewed expressed concern that the current situation in the community has a negative impact on children and described "being a happy city". It feels that Hong Kong society is regressing and losing confidence in the future of Hong Kong. Some parents also think that foreign education is more suitable for children than Hong Kong's cramming education. I am afraid that Hong Kong will be more eager to study in Thailand. Like many Hong Kong parents, Luo Minzhuang is worried that it is too hard for the mainstream primary schools in Hong Kong to rise to school. So I went to Bangkok to buy homes three years ago and added Hong Kong properties, hoping to prepare my daughter for a local study at an international school. Luo Minzhuang said that the local school building is large, the learning environment is comfortable, and I want to have a happy reading. I also express my wish to live in Thailand, and Thailand is only a few minutes away from Hong Kong, so it is convenient for both sides to go!

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